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Startup Weekend to stimulate growth: Synacy Australian execs head new Cebu-based tech firm

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The Cebu Startup Weekend series should stimulate the growth of a dynamic community of fast-growing global IT businesses in Cebu City that is traditionally a driver of economic growth in the country, say top officials of an Australian technology company that has recently located in Metro Cebu.

"Startup Weekend is a great place for having fun with coders, entrepreneurs and startup-aficionados. Anyone who can knock out a well thought out prototype in a weekend with people they've just met we want to chat with," said Tom Okagami, the vice president of Synacy Inc.

Synacy Inc, the newest technology company and employer of choice in Cebu, is privileged to be this year’s gold sponsor for the 3rd Cebu Startup Weekend to be held on June 7-9, 2013 at the Buttenbruch Hall, University of San Carlos - Main Campus, Cebu City, Okagami said.

"We are very happy to support the event as a number of our developers and business line staff will join in as participants, while our CEO Rhett Jones will be one of the judges," he said. "Synacy is excited to take part in the three-day workshop that brings together web designers, software developers, marketers, business nerds and industry heavyweights help each other build and create new ideas and innovations for startups on-site.

 "The weekend is also a chance for us to scout for talented individuals with the right mix of innovation and exceptional performance who are exploring job opportunities in Cebu," he said

The first 100 registrants will be given Synacy shirts co-branded with Orange and Bronze Software Labs, our partner in software programming and development. Synacy is also sponsoring the Startup Weekend after party.

 “We are thankful for the organizers,, Department of Economics of University of San Carlos and the other sponsors, for creating such event that could help business-minded people and innovators create their own startups and becoming their very own boss while supporting the eco-system in Philippines”, said Rhett Jones, CEO of Synacy.

The Startup Weekend series in Cebu is critical in the development of a local IT entrepreneurial eco-system that should drive economic growth during the information era.

After the startup weekend, interested Java developers will gather for an associated presentation made by Orange & Bronze Software Labs associate software engineer, Froilan Co who is assigned to the Synacy team. Presenting a talk about Java for rapid development suitable for startup related projects.

To register for a weekend of ideas and innovations, visit

Startup Weekend is a global grassroots movement of active and empowered entrepreneurs who are learning the basics of founding startups and launching successful ventures. It is the largest community of passionate entrepreneurs with over 400 past events in 100 countries around the world in 2011 and has various facilitators and organizers in over 200 cities around the world. Its headquarters is located in Seattle, Washington.

About Synacy Inc.

Synacy Inc. is a technology company. It develops software and supports businesses for companies within its own management group. With diverse interests ranging from mineral exploration to information technology and telecommunications businesses the senior management is Australian but Cebu based.

Our software development projects provide interesting technical challenges including scaling a high volume transactional system, optimising and building APIs for our partners and developing exciting front end products. We employ agile development methods utilizing Java, Grails, Spring, PostgreSQL and LAMP. The company aims to build a culture that rewards initiative, hard work, ingenuity, and to provide a platform for people who aspire to excel their field.

About Orange and Bronze Software Labs

Orange and Bronze Software Labs is the first Philippine-based SpringSource partner, with over one hundred seasoned software engineers specializing in Spring, Grails, Spring Roo and Hibernate. As one of the first companies in Asia to use Agile Software Development, O&B was founded on the belief that realistic software development practices and decoupling dependencies using the Spring and Hibernate framework would lead to successful projects and maintainable code bases.

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