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Thursday, June 27, 2013

RP incubator Kickstart Ventures partners with Australian counterpart Pollenizer to fund and mentor local technopreneurs

Posted By: Sarah Jean - 3:27 AM
Kickstart Ventures, Inc., an incubator-accelerator firm wholly-owned by Globe Telecom, has entered into a partnership with its Australian counterpart Pollenizer to bring the latter’s distinctive approach to company formation into the Philippines market.

The partnership called Pollenizer@Kickstart hopes to increase the chances of success of local technopreneurs by combining top talent, great ideas, and startup best practices. The concept is to provide highly-skilled engineers, business people, and product managers with a unique environment for entrepreneurial experimentation.
                Each team member is considered a co-founder and receives an equity stake in the business that they form as well as a salary to meet month expenses.  Team members are expected to own the vision and execution for the business, with intense support, mentorship and guidance from Kickstart and Pollenizer.  One of them will also be chosen as the Chief Executive Officer of the new business.

                The businesses will be given funding to sustain operations for at least one year.  Subsequent funding rounds, however, will be driven by the team, with ample support from Kicsktart and Pollenizer including access to the two companies’ extensive investor networks.

                Companies to be built by Pollenizer@Kickstart teams will target the Philippines as a launch market while maintaining a global outlook.

                At present, Pollenizer@Kickstart is seeking team members with three main profiles:

·          Engineers who are knowledgeable on Ruby/Rails, PHP/Cake or other languages and platforms;
·         Product managers who have clear understanding of the customers and can do wireframes, pitching, and prototyping;
·         Commercial and business development managers who are experienced in product pricing, sales and distribution, channel and account management, and pitching proposals

"All team members will need to be, or to become, gutsy entrepreneurs with the audacity to believe that they can pull off a global business with available resources.  We have assessed the needs of the Philippine market and we are looking for ideas that would address the gaps and exploit the opportunities in the problem spaces such as real estate listings, e-commerce, remittance, labor cost arbitrage, OFW placement, education, and healthcare,” said Navarrete.

                Interested parties may submit their applications via on or before June 30, 2013.

Globe joins international telecom body’s earthquake resilience activity

Posted By: Sarah Jean - 3:26 AM
Recognizing the crucial role communications play in times of disaster, Globe Telecom lends its support to the earthquake preparedness activity organized by the GSM Association (GSMA), an organization of some 800 mobile operators in over 220 countries worldwide.
The workshop in Legazpi City, Albay is part of the GSMA Disaster Response Programme, this time, focusing on the threat of earthquakes which results in severe damage to properties and causes significant loss of lives yearly. 

The event brings together mobile network operators from the Philippines as well as the United Nations office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, the National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (Philippines), Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHILVOCS) and other partners.
According to GSMA, the event “provides an opportunity for inter-industry knowledge sharing and exploring opportunities for partnerships with an emphasis on earthquake resilience.”

The workshop also aims “to build capacity, create a community of practice within the operator community and publish best practices and case studies that can be used as resources for improved planning.”
The sessions will discuss earthquake risk overview and implications for mobile operators, mobile operators as frontline responders, establishing effective partnerships in advance of earthquakes, technical strategies and best practices for network resilience and management in earthquakes.

“Globe is fully aware of the importance of telecom services especially during and after a disaster.  So as a major player in the utility industry providing telecommunication services, avoidance of operational disruption is a must both in normal conditions and during emergency/disaster situations,” said Edgar C. Hapa, Globe Enterprise Business Continuity Director.
According to Hapa, the company’s mission-critical systems and its whole network infrastructure are designed for resiliency. This is achieved not only through the installation of redundant components, but also through disaster-recovery sites that allows Globe to operate in a back-up site in case one of its facilities fails.
At present, Globe has several IT data centers which are geographically distant from each other to reduce the possibility of simultaneous system downtime in case of natural calamities such as earthquake, flooding, and typhoon; and man-made incidents like sabotage, power failure, among others.

“Globe’s IT systems are properly tiered or ranked according to business impact so that the necessary infrastructure, technical support and processes are appropriated to ensure business continuity. The disaster recovery platforms and processes are also regularly tested to ensure that they will work when needed, and enhanced if necessary,” added Hapa.

Globe is the first telecommunications firm in the Philippines to have been certified as company-wide compliant with an international standard for business continuity, proving that the organization is more than capable to proactively plan, prevent and navigate through difficult periods.

The certification also serves as a pledge of excellence and commitment that necessary steps have been taken to make sure that the organization survives through disruptions and maintains a business as usual motion. 

Tech-savvy teens end summer vacation as graduates of Globe Telecom Junior Mobile Wizard program.

Posted By: Sarah Jean - 3:25 AM

Some tech-savvy teenagers ended their summer vacation this year as graduates of Globe Telecom’s Junior Mobile Wizard program, a six-week summer activity that allowed them to assist in selected Globe concept stores in Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao.  Under the program, the high school students were tasked to demonstrate and discuss the latest gadgets and mobile data services, as well as other Globe offers and services. It provided them an opportunity to learn outside of a campus setting as they interact with customers and gain experience working inside a Globe store.  Shown in photo, posing with the teens at their graduation rites, are Globe President & CEO Ernest Cu, (seventh from right), Globe Human Resource Head Renato Jiao (second from right) and Joseph Caliro (utmost left), Globe Retail Transformation and Management Head.

Globe Telecom employee places 6th in ECE board exam

Posted By: Sarah Jean - 3:24 AM
An employee of Globe Telecom was among the top ten placers in this year’s Electronics and Computer Engineering board examination.

Gerand Elinzano ranked 6th out of the 1,177 passers of the recently held licensure examinations. He garnered a rating of 88.70%.

Gerand, who joined company in July last year, is part of the Globe Informations Systems Group cadetship program.  He graduated from Mapua Institute of Technology-Manila with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics Engineering.

“We are extremely proud of what Gerand has achieved. This goes to show that Globe as an employer of choice, is able to attract the best and the brightest,” said Renato Jiao, head of the Globe Human Resource Group.

The ISG Cadetship program is a two-year holistic development program that taps high performers who display academic and leadership potential to create a pipeline for future leaders and fill in key technical and leadership roles in the future. 

Globe offers widest range of LTE-enabled smartphones

Posted By: Sarah Jean - 3:23 AM

Get the most diversified and exclusive roster of LTE smartphones from the one who knows postpaid best

            Globe Telecom beefs up its device portfolio by offering the widest and latest range of Long Term Evolution (LTE)-enabled smartphones under its suite of fully-customizable and flexible Best-Ever MySuperPlan.

Banking on its strong partnerships with leading global device manufacturers, Globe is carrying nine (9) of the world’s best and top-of-the-line LTE handsets available at different price points, seven (7) of which are exclusive to the telco. All plan offers are bundled with unlimited LTE surfing of up to 42 Mbps and free calls and texts.

                Devices available for free at Plan 999 are the Globe-exclusive Huawei Ascend P1 LTE and ZTE T81. Both handsets were part of the telco’s initial line-up of LTE-enabled smartphones offered late last year.

Subscribers can also avail of the latest BlackBerry handsets from the leader in postpaid such as the Globe-exclusive BlackBerry Z10 LTE available at P1,499 monthly under Plan 999 with P500* monthly cashout over a two-year lock-up period. Offered under the same plan package is the QWERTY BlackBerry Q10 LTE, another Globe-exclusive handset until July 7.

                Android users are also guaranteed of the best device deals from Globe with its most affordable offer for the Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE at 1,599 monthly under Plan 999 with P600* monthly cashout. Globe also sealed an exclusivity deal to be the lone telco carrier of the new HTC One, touted as one of the best Android smartphones in the world, available at P1,699 monthly under Plan 999 with a monthly cashout of P700*.

                Available at higher plans are the Globe-exclusive HTC One SV and Nokia Lumia 820 offered at Plan 1799 monthly without cashout. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE, another Globe-exclusive device, is available at P2,199 monthly under Plan 1799 with a P400* monthly cashout.

                The HTC One™ SV is powered by a supercharged, Dual Core processor for lightning-fast 4G speeds, along with all-day battery life, including an amazing camera, exclusive Beats Audio™, and an ultra-sleek design that complements its breathtaking speed. Dubbed as the most versatile Lumia, the Nokia Lumia 820 boasts of an 8.7 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens, 4.3” ClearBlack display, Smart Shoot to create perfect group photos, the Nokia City Lens to know the neighborhood better than the locals, and removable wireless charging shells and matching headsets in vibrant colors. The Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE features a 5.5” large display, 1.6GHz high speed Quad Core processor, and 2GB RAM, further strengthening the whole GALAXY Note series.

                “We are excited to offer the country’s most extensive array of LTE-powered smartphones to our subscribers and give them options to avail of the handset that perfectly fits their needs, budget, and lifestyle. Pairing these devices with the Best-Ever MySuperPlan, subscribers will definitely get more than what they pay for with a plan value that’s almost twice the value of prepaid load, as well as the full flexibility of choosing the contact period of their preference from 6, 12, 18, 24 and 30 months,” said Raul Macatangay, Head of Globe Postpaid.

                Macatangay added, “With our expanded LTE network, subscribers can expect the best and most advanced smartphone experience, harnessing the fastest of speeds when accessing the Internet via their smartphones.”

With the Globe 4G LTE network, peak throughput speed will enable users to download and upload files, HD videos and other multimedia content at a much higher bit-rate, faster than HSPA and HSPA+ technology, with LTE peak speeds of up to 60 Mbps for outdoor coverage and 30 Mbps for deployments inside buildings. Boasting better outdoor coverage by using advanced antenna solutions, the speed of LTE is at least 10x faster than existing 2G and 3G networks, giving quicker responses to every user application such as video and mobile gaming.

On top of best-ever postpaid plans, postpaid subscribers are also eligible to avail of the Globe Gadget Care, a complete mobile phone protection program which allows them to enjoy the benefits of a full and comprehensive insurance program which covers accidental damage, theft or robbery, unit replacement, postpaid bill protect, and worldwide coverage.
*Over a 24-month contract period and at 0% interest rate via major credit cards except Standard Chartered, available at 3, 6, and 12 months only

Globe Telecom assures network readiness in face of disaster

Posted By: Sarah Jean - 3:19 AM
With the onset of natural calamities which often cause disruption of basic services, leading telecommunications provider Globe Telecom is implementing measures to ensure the delivery of on-time and efficient communication services regardless of any catastrophe.

One of the initiatives of Globe is the ongoing network transformation wherein advanced equipment are being continuously deployed not only for faster and better network but also to withstand natural disasters. 

“Globe is committed to continuously improve its capabilities to help reduce the probability, shorten the period, and limit the impact of any disruption.  The company’s business continuity management policy prioritizes the safety of the people and the continuity of operations of critical resources that support the delivery of key products and services,” said Edgar C. Hapa, Globe Enterprise Business Continuity Director.

Globe Telecom’s network preparedness and resilience plan was shared by Hapa to members of the GSM Association during the two-day Disaster Response Programme Workshop in Legazpi, Albay held to emphasize the crucial role communications play in times of disaster.

The event brings together mobile network operators from the Philippines as well as the United Nations office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, the National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (Philippines), Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHILVOCS) and other partners.

The workshop aims “to build capacity, create a community of practice within the operator community and publish best practices and case studies that can be used as resources for improved planning.”
While nothing can provide absolute guarantee that a severely disruptive event will no longer occur, Globe is strongly committed to provide reasonable assurance to its stakeholders that it is ready to respond to and recover from any incident, including those not anticipated. 

Thus, the company is implementing suitable risk reduction and response measures against the common and high-impacting man-made and natural threats such as typhoons, flooding, fire, earthquake, pandemic flu, acts of terrorism, crashing of hardware and software systems, among others.

Emergency response team members are, likewise, on hand to respond to emergencies with the goal of saving lives and preventing any further damage to assets.  On the other hand, existing network and IT recovery plans aim for quick recovery of its mission-critical services and operations.

Aside from network and IT service continuity and ensuring employee safety, Globe also takes care of the communities.  “Globe Telecom’s disaster management preparedness is not just confined to taking care of itself.  We are the country’s partner in nation-building during peaceful times and we are also a partner in rebuilding the nation in times of calamities,” Hapa said.

The best proof of Globe Telecom’s disaster preparedness can be seen in the field as Globe Bridging Communities mobilizes employee volunteers together with partner organization to provide assistance to calamity victims through relief operations, free call and text services, and donations.  This even elicited praise from President Aquino when he visited the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) relief packing operations during the onslaught of Habagat two years ago where about 200 Globe employees volunteered their time and effort.

Globe BridgeCom has also partnered with Simbahang Lingkod Bayan (SLB) and Metro Weather on the use of information and communications technology tools for disaster readiness.

 SLB is a Church-based, Jesuit-led organization which initiated the E-Ugnay Disaster Management System.  Through next-level convergence of mobile and internet capabilities in consolidating information from all over the country, Globe and SLB are able to allow on-ground personnel to act immediately whenever calamities strike.

Meanwhile, Metro Weather is an online weather project in Metro Manila, Rizal and Corregidor designed to provide free and near real-time weather data necessary to help people prepare for typhoons, heavy rains, and severe flooding.

Globe is the first telecommunications firm in the Philippines to have been certified as company-wide compliant with an international standard for business continuity, proving that the organization is more than capable to proactively plan, prevent and navigate through difficult periods.

The certification also serves as a pledge of excellence and commitment that necessary steps have been taken to make sure that the organization survives through disruptions and maintains a business as usual motion.

GT Cosmetics sets foot in Zamboanga

Posted By: Sarah Jean - 3:19 AM
AS IT has been projected, GT Cosmetics Manufacturing’s Mindanao market is getting bigger indeed.
Taking off from the cities of Cagayan de Oro and Davao in 2005, GT Cosmetics slowly spread practically in all directions and now has made its presence felt in the City of Flowers, Zamboanga.
“This has been a long time coming,” said Engr. Leonora B. Salvane, GT Cosmetics founder and national sales manager who has foreseen the growth of the company’s market in Mindanao. “We have been planning to bring GT to Zamboanga even before the demand for our products in the Western Mindanao area was yet under our target level, but more pressing matters had to be prioritized.”
Salvane said they would now be able to cater to the demands of GT users in the region as the third oldest city in the Philippines is the commercial and industrial center of the Zamboanga Peninsula which consists of the provinces of Zamboanga del Norte, Zamboanga del Sur, and Zamboanga Sibugay.
“Our loyal customers from the neighboring towns and cities, like Ipil, Pagadian, Dipolog, Dapitan, and Isabela in Basilan, need not travel far to buy their favorite GT products anymore, since they are now available in nearby Zamboanga,” Salvane said.
GT products are now sold in Zamboanga City at the Mindpro Health & Beauty Center in Mindpro Citimall and at Face and La Secret de Beaute in Yubenco Star Mall.
The penetration of GT Cosmetics in Zamboanga may well be the start of the Cebu-based company’s sweeping expansion in Mindanao as there’s no stopping them now from venturing into the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao with a Halal certification in tow.
GT Cosmetics was recently issued a Halal certification after its products and production methods have been tested and declared permissible to use in accordance with Islamic law by the Halal Development Institute of the Philippines.
Halal, which means lawful and permitted in Islam, does not only cover food and drinks but other items as well, like cosmetics and personal care products.
The Halal certification also allows GT Cosmetics to export its products to the Middle East and other Muslim countries like Indonesia and Malaysia, where a ready market has already been established for the proudly-Cebu-manufactured goods.
As GT Cosmetics embarks on its overseas venture in the United States, Malaysia, and the Middle East, and with the sustaining market growth in Southern Philippines, Salvane said they might put up a manufacturing plant in Mindanao next year.
“Now that our products are being distributed in the US and soon in Malaysia, we are considering on putting up a plant in Mindanao to complement our production output from our manufacturing facilities here in Cebu and Bulacan,” Salvane said.
In the US, GT Cosmetics is distributed by Elegantly Pure and products are available at the New Asia Market and Pearl Marketing in Connecticut and at the Chinese-American Mini Market in Rhode Island.
GT products can be purchased in about 200 retail outlets and in all leading drugstores nationwide, including Watsons Personal Care stores, Robinsons supermarkets, SM malls and supermarkets, Savemore supermarkets, Gaisano Metro chain of stores, and in other leading malls, department stores, and supermarkets.

Globe Project Lightpaths bags Best in Business Benefit at CREST Eagle Awards

Posted By: Sarah Jean - 3:18 AM
Photo shows from left to right Ker Ling Yew, vice-president Centre of Operational Excellence, Singtel Group;  Jemman Jon Fernandez, field operations engineer;  Project Lightpaths team head and field operations engineer Kevin Dela Cruz  and Kevin Russel, CEO, Consumer Australia, Optus.
Globe Telecom’s Project Lightpaths bagged the Best in Business Benefits Award at the recent Centre for Regional Excellence for Singtel Group (CREST) Eagle Awards held recently in Sydney, Australia.

Initiated by the company’s Network Technical Group, Project Lightpaths seeks to reduce fiber optic cable cut incidents in Negros island, improve network availability and in the process increase customer satisfaction in the area.

Beating its initial target, the project was able to bring down FOC cut incidents by over 60%, providing  support for the company’s  mobile and broadband business in the area.

“Project Lightpaths is an initiative of the Network Technical Group that bears witness to the customer-first values of our team. We are extremely proud of the recognition generated by this project,” said Robert Tan, Globe Chief Technical Adviser.

Following its success, Globe will be rolling out the project nationwide with potential savings of more than Php30 million in annual restoration costs, he said.

“Globe depends mostly on these cables to connect different parts of the network, and serve the voice and data communication needs of subscribers. In support of our mission to provide superior customer service, the team embarked on this project to improve network experience. This also supports our company’s aspiration to be loved as the ‘brand of choice’,” noted Tan.

“Project Lightpaths takes on one of the fundamental problems affecting the network in Negros. While the company is pre-occupied with improving systems detection, Team Lightpaths addressed the various root causes head on,” added Globe Head of Visayas Network Technical Group and Network Operations and project sponsor Michael Sandil.

Globe Telecom named Asia’s Outstanding Company on Corporate Governance

Posted By: Sarah Jean - 3:17 AM
Globe Telecom was recognized as one of Asia’s Outstanding Company on Corporate Governance at the 9th Corporate Governance Asia Recognition Awards.
The recognition was given by the Corporate Governance Asia, a Hong Kong based magazine specializing in corporate governance issues in the region. The award is designed to inspire excellence among the different layers in corporate hierarchy, especially as Asia continues to gain further recognition in the global arena as a favored investment destination in view of its robust economic growth.
“Globe Telecom strongly believes that integrity, accountability and transparency in all aspects of the business are crucial ingredients to the company’s success. These are the principles that make up the company’s foundation to achieving its mission, vision and goals,” said Carmina Herbosa, Globe Head for Internal Controls.

“Over the years, Globe Telecom has steadily advanced in its practice of corporate governance and this is a tribute to the company’s commitment towards accountability and transparency,“ she stressed.

The Outstanding Company for Corporate Governance Award is given to a company with a publicly-acclaimed track record for corporate governance and is involved in a specific publicly-known activity related to improving or enhancing the standards of corporate governance during the past 12 months.

The awardee must have implemented significant and specific corporate governance-related reforms during the past 12 months involving rights of shareholders, disclosure and transparency, corporate social responsibility and environmental practices, among others.
The award recognizes companies that excel in corporate governance across Asia. They include companies from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines.
In December last year, Globe bested 247 other listed companies in the country to win the first ever Bell Award for Corporate Governance given by the Philippine Stock Exchange.
The recognition follows a similar citation from Hong Kong publishing giant FinanceAsia where Globe also garnered high marks in the Best Corporate Governance category.

Fifteen innovative IT solutions emerge as Cat@lyst finalists

Posted By: Sarah Jean - 3:16 AM
Globe BridgeCom’s Bong Esguerra (second from right) listen in and mentors a group of finalists for Cat@lyst - the social transformation initiative of Tattoo - as they prepare to pitch their ideas during the Shapers Lab last June 22.

Cat@lyst, the corporate social responsibility initiative of Tattoo which aims to promote positive transformation for society, recently announced the selection of finalists pushing for innovative solutions harnessing the potential of information technology.

Out of 119 entries from socially-conscious and IT savvy youth vying for program development, mentorship and ICT support, 15 were chosen as finalists on the strength of the selection criteria’s three pillars: Innovation, demonstrating creativity and originality; Implementation feasibility, that the project is doable within the given timeline and capable to mobilize stakeholders; and Impact, that it should provide a long-lasting solution to an existing problem. They are the following:

 -     Bloodtype, a web and mobile app designed as an information dissemination mechanism, record keeper and advocacy campaign for blood donation
-      Clinicali, a diagnostic software containing a database of known symptoms and manifestation of neglected tropical diseases with treatment recommendations
-, a web application providing open access to a centralized transport data and various modes of transportation in Metro Manila
-      eTapon, an app allowing households access to options on managing waste disposal
-      FindMyDok, a mobile app that provides real time notifications to patients on accessible doctors and medical specialists within their location
-      Flare App, a live feed into the work strategy of response units during a natural disaster
-      Good Food Rescue, an app connecting volunteers with food institutions and charities to channel excess food to those who need them most
-      iNanay, which will provide modules on prenatal, postnatal and neonatal care among others through SMS advisory and reminder system to pregnant women
-      Prison Telepsychiatry, a two-way live interactive audio-video conferencing meant to improve mental health service delivery in a prison setting
-      Project Laan, a Bantay-Kalusugan SMS system giving subscribers daily updates on Philhealth-related news and means to contact the agency if they have questions on their insurance details
-      Re-Store, an online eco-conscious community where Metro-Manila-based individuals or businesses can post unwanted but useable equipment, furniture, books and the like
-      Teach2Read, an e-learning app designed as a pre-school learning tool in reading
-      Time’s Up Tobacco, an online mechanism with user-friendly resources on laws and regulations on ads, sales and promos of tobacco products
-, an online platform  that provides specialized travel packages to the Philippines, that allows adventurers to have fun while also contribute to nation-building along the way
-, an online database of the promises made by various elected officials featuring crowd-sourced information
Taking the next step to incubate and transform their ideas into viable programs, proponents of the 15 finalist-entries were invited to participate in the Shapers Lab workshop and seminar last June 22, 2013 at the Conference Hall of the Asian Development Bank. The whole-day gathering further developed their proposals through a multi-stakeholder dialogue and mentorship from development professionals as well as ICT experts, including Global Shapers Manila Hub founding curator and broadcaster Karen Davila.
Some invited speakers were senator-elect Benigno “Bam” Aquino tackling the role of youth in country development, Mark Bantigue of Groupon dwelling on social-good projects which can unlock immediate relevance to society, and Kickstart Ventures President Minette Navarette sharing insights to the finalists on how to pitch and sell their ideas, as well as to win customers and stakeholders to support their projects.
The Shapers Lab also provided an avenue for the finalists to grow and expand their network while sharing their passions with their peers, propose their ideas, refine them through a series of workshops, and be mentored via consultation sessions with panelists comprised of representatives from Globe Bridging Communities, Global Shapers Manila Hub, Kickstart, Groupon and the United Nations Development Program. A pitching session enabled participants to present their proposals to a panel of judges.
From the 15 finalists, five will be selected to win P200,000 cash grants to help put their ideas to actionable programs. Global Shapers Manila Hub, ICT experts, development professionals and Globe BridgeCom officers will assist in implementing the five solutions for a span of three months, including the opportunity to be instituted as part of Globe BridgeCom’s regular programs.
“We are excited to work with the finalists, along with Tattoo and Globe, in transforming winning ideas into effective nation-building solutions. Given that technology plays a critical role in shaping the future, campaigns like Catalyst allows young leaders to channel available technology for the good of the country and the world.” affirmed Lynn Pinugu, current curator of Global Shapers Manila Hub and co-founder & executive director of Mano Amiga Academy. 

Dong Ronquillo, Head of Nomadic Broadband Business for Tattoo which is the main project sponsor, said that the turnout of submissions was overwhelming. “This only proves that there is quite a number of IT-proficient youth out there who would like to harness technology not just for themselves but for the community at large. True to the vision of Tattoo, we believe that this advocacy has harnessed the passions of our young Filipino techies as genuine catalysts of positive change in the country.”

Log on to for more information about the entries and the finalists as well as the campaign overview of Cat@lyst.

Globe Telecom bags Customer Service Initiative Award at Asia Communication Awards

Posted By: Sarah Jean - 3:13 AM
Besting 4 international, local nominations

Globe Telecom’s Customer Service Innovation on Social Media was declared the winner in the Best in Customer Service Initiative category at the Asia Communication Awards, a testament to the company’s commitment to deliver superior customer experience complementing the company’s modernized network.

The award is in recognition of the company’s well-designed and successfully implemented social media strategy geared at significantly changing the way the company provides customer service through Twitter to deliver its promise of providing meaningful and personalized customer service. This enabled the brand to proactively build lasting relationships with customers through their social networks, and allow Globe to differentiate itself from competition by creating an avenue for honest and sincere communication over this uncharted space.

Tangible and quantifiable results in terms of the company’s financial performance as well as quantifiable improvements in customer experience were also taken into consideration in selecting the winner.

“At Globe, we are deeply rooted in putting customers at the center of everything we do. We want to be where customers are even if they do not engage us directly. According Trendstream, London-based consultancy firm, the Philippines has the largest number of people who engage in social media activities, relative to the total number of online users in the country in 2011. Globe capitalized on this growing social media trend and took customer service beyond the call center,” said Globe Customer Experience Management Head Chris Lipman. 

In this customer service category, Globe is the first telecommunications company in the Philippines that transformed its social presence to be the right channel for end-to-end support. Part of the strategy is to hand-pick online specialists with a unique personality, monitoring the company’s official Twitter account 24/7, defining what customer service should be.

With this, Globe achieved its goal to deliver a state-of-the-art customer relationship management system through social media. The company has provided a seamless online communication process that caters to its growing Twitter audience. Through an innovative approach to customer engagement, Globe continues to delight and gain the loyalty of subscribers by means of personalized communication and dedicated customer service.

Lipman added, “This award speaks well of the company’s commitment to reach out to customers in a more personal way, where we can be honest about our products and services and ultimately provide seamless engagement. This will further inspire our team to enrich customer care initiatives. We are extremely proud to have won an award in a category contested by our local telco competitor. It also shows that our strategy of giving customers a more personalized approach to customer service versus a corporate machine is being recognized as best practice.”

With an amplified reach through the firm’s social media specialists, Globe is now able to send out an average of 2,500 personalized tweets per day. Current data shows Globe receives an average of 34,000 tweets a month and broadcasts about 40,000 tweets as part of conversations with customers. @Talk2Globe continues to gain followers and is climbing up the ranks as the second most influential Twitter account in the country according to SocialBaker.

The Asia Communications Awards give recognition to achievements of telecommunications companies and the individuals in the region responsible for the innovations, achievements and new services that build the industry.

Globe also continues to innovate its customer service presence in the social space with the recently launched Globe Community ( The Globe Community is another industry-first and cements the firm’s strategy for collaborative customer service.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Meet Toffee! The Smartest Dog

Posted By: Sarah Jean - 1:09 AM
I do have two(2) half-breed dogs and I take care of them even though sometimes they are pain in the ass. But all of it is worth it! They're so playful, cute and adorable. They guard the house and patiently waited for me to come home and give them their favorite food Alpo.

TOFFEE is ALPO’s #1 Fan!
ALPO Philippines launches one of the cutest webisodes to date, which will introduce its newest little ambassador, TOFFEE!

Cute dog Toffee uses tablet to get food

Toffee is such a smart and adorable Jack Russell Terrier who wants every dog to have a taste of the good life!

Find out how he convinced his Mama to give him the real meaty goodness of ALPO! 

Don't miss this second episode! :)

Toffee's best dog bath ever

Find out how he convinced his Mama to give him the real meaty goodness of ALPO! 
Don't miss this third episode! :)

Cute dog escapes with mouse

Say “Hi” to him on ALPO Philippines’ Facebook Page: and allow him to show you how you can give your beloved pet dogs a bite out of the good life!

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