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Summer’s not cool without Sweet Spot-new flavors to beat the heat

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Scoops of Sweet Spot Artisan Ice cream will surely beat the summer heat as the brand welcomes exciting flavors this summer.

The Davao homegrown artisan ice cream brand welcomes a cool wave of new flavors of its famous crocodile ice cream: Pandan, Strawberry Kiss, Chocoloco, Mangomazing, Durian Dynamite, and Cookie Monster.

 Croc ice cream 101

What makes crocodile ice cream a party in anyone’s palate are crocodile eggs, which comprise 80% yolk! A gallon of crocodile ice cream prides itself to have a dozen of crocodile eggs instead of chicken eggs.
Instead of regular cream, milk is mixed with crocodile egg. Fruit flavors are made more delicious with ripe and fresh picks sourced from the Dizon Farms. The premium ingredients cause ice cream licks to become supreme summer pleasures: a cooling sensation is felt as a scoop touches your lips, flavors then explode as the ridiculously creamy crocodile ice cream greets your mouth.

An iconic treat

Sweet Spot Artisan Ice Cream is the only producer of crocodile ice cream in this side of the world. It started out as an experiment that drew inspiration from the brand’s sister company Crocodile Park. The ice cream was further developed with good command of culinary expertise.
The first batch of crocodile ice cream slowly made it to Sweet Spot freezers in 2011; word of mouth caused the ice cream to gain favorable response from ice cream lovers and adventurous foodies alike.
Today, Sweet Spot Artisan Ice Cream is growing its own cult following with locals and tourists ordering crocodile ice cream by the tub. The brand also packs surprises every season with myriad flavors of regular ice cream.
(Get your Sweet Spot fix this summer! Like Sweet Spot Artisan Ice Cream in For orders, contact (082) 225-0184; or email Sweet Spot Artisan Ice Cream is located at the Crocodile Park Complex, Maa, Diversion Road.)

***all content featured in this post is provided by Sweet Spot Artisan Ice Cream***

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