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Investing in the Philippine Stock Market can be complicated and laborious for those who do not have the means and the time needed to make sound decisions that will ensure investments are maximized. But with the Sun Life Prosperity Philippine Stock Index Fund, the newest fund from Sun Life Asset Management Co., Inc. (SLAMCI), clients can now have the opportunity to access the country’s biggest corporations, without having to shell out a huge amount of money, nor having to consume too much time.

The Sun Life Prosperity Philippine Stock Index Fund closely tracks the performance of the Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEi), and mirrors its performance by investing in stocks which comprise the index – thereby giving the client access to the 30 largest companies in the Philippines, along with the opportunity to participate in the long-term growth of the Philippine market. 

“This fund is perfect for investors who have a high-risk appetite and a long-term investment horizon,” said SLAMCI President Valerie Pama. “The PSEi actually grew by 152% in the last five years; now, clients can ride on the growth of the Philippine stock market simply by investing in the Sun Life Prosperity Philippine Stock Index Fund.” 

Managed by the company’s team of expert fund managers, the new fund is the latest addition to SLAMCI’s award-winning Sun Life Prosperity Funds.

“Launching this new product is among the many ways that SLAMCI is marking its 15th anniversary this year as we strive to help more Filipinos enjoy a prosperous life,” Pama said, adding that the company started 2015 on a good momentum. The Sun Life Prosperity Philippine Stock Index Fund will be available on May 5, 2015.

Now with 47.6 Billion Pesos in assets under management (AUM), SLAMCI marked a 10.38% year-on-year growth, and remains to be the largest non-bank asset management company in the Philippines as of end of March this year. The Sun Life Prosperity Funds also marked a significant year-on-year growth, including the Philippine Equity Fund (18.37%), Balanced Fund (13.28%) and Dollar Abundance Fund (5.93%). The Dynamic Fund, which was launched in July last year, posted a 14%        return from inception to end-March 2015.

To learn more about the Sun Life Prosperity Funds call 849-9888 or email For more news about SLAMCI, visit, like sunlifeph on Facebook, and follow sunlifeph on Twitter.

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