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Globe Business charts next phase of Philippine internet with robust infrastructure

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Ready to support bandwidth-heavy ICT solutions for large corporations, enterprises

Globe Business was recently recognized for its major role in supporting internet use in the Philippines by The Internet Society of the Philippines (ISOC-PH) during its 20th Internet Anniversary Celebration with the theme, “Your Internet, Your Data.”

The enterprise ICT arm of Globe Telecom currently supports the ISOC-PH and the Foundation for Media Alternatives (FMA) in their efforts in working closely with private corporations, government agencies, members of media and the academe on new technologies surrounding the internet, including big data, improve internet access and protect the rights of all its stakeholders – a concept called internet governance. It also deployed robust direct Internet for Web Exchange and LTE for Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the event. 

A distinguished luminary in the gathering was Globe Business Head of Research and Development, Technology and Design Benjie Tan, who was responsible for physically connecting the Philippines to the rest of the internet-connected world two decades ago. Twenty years from now, he foresees more affordable internet access for the majority as technology and devices become available to more people, and heavier internet usage driven by relevant applications. “I’m actually hoping for wireless technology to mature so that more Filipinos can have affordable access to internet and enjoy a host of other benefits it can offer.” Also joining Tan in the gathering were acknowledged “fathers” of Philippine internet Dr. Rudy Villarica as well as Dr. Bill Torres.

Senior Vice President Nikko Acosta of Globe Business said that “it is with great pride for Globe Business to be recognized for its efforts in supporting Internet use in the Philippines and to be tapped by ISOC-PH and the FMA to be its official internet partner for the our country’s 20th anniversary celebration of being linked to the Internet.”

“As in the early days of the internet, we continue to play a relevant role in enabling private corporations, government agencies and non-profit organizations to harness the benefits of the internet for social and economic progress of the Philippines,” he added.

                Acosta pointed out that with more than 38 million Filipinos exchanging information over the worldwide web, the possibilities in the exchange of data is virtually limitless. “With organizations, businesses and large corporations, the sheer vastness of the internet as we know it can now be tapped with Globe Business as their established ICT partner. “

One major initiative going forward for Philippine internet is the Globe interconnection with the Southeast Asia-Japan Cable (SJC) System last year, which will enable high capacity data transmission to address growing bandwidth-intensive applications in the country and its neighbors. With commendations from the Philippine government led by Pres. Benigno Aquino, the Globe-SJC interconnection will provide world-class interconnectivity for the country boasting a bandwidth of 28 terabits per second, providing unmatched local and regional internet data strength.

Globe Business is considered as one of the purveyors who invested in the Internet, one of the first Filipino companies that secured IPV4 blocks and its own Autonomous System Number or ASN for commercial use. Since then, the company has been continuously improving its IP connectivity through its many investments in its domestic distribution network, international cable facilities and contracts with local and foreign peering partners.

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