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Love Apptually: The Top 5 Romantic Apps for Valentine’s Day

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The day of hearts is just around the corner and its meaning varies for different people in diversified relationship status. Whether it’s finding that significant other, or booking that romantic dinner, we unveil the Top 5 Romantic Apps to make this Valentine’s Day most romantic, memorable or just a tad more bearable.   

Let’s face it, there is no other day that a single person dreads more than February 14th. Just imagine all the traffic and packed restaurants filled with gleam-eyed couples trading spoonfuls of dark chocolate cake. So as a means of prevention for this state of romantic solitude, we suggest you get your hands on the OkCupid app—the absolutely-free worldwide dating app that helps you find a suitable date with someone close by or on the other end of the world. OkCupid lets you sign up with your Facebook account or make a separate account on your mobile. The app’s Quick Match feature takes its Cupid status a little further by ranking potential dates for you, while shooting out arrows for your potential Match, Friend, and Enemy.

Love Quotes 500

The Love Quotes 500 compiles the finest collection of quotes from history’s greatest writers and thinkers so that you, yes you, can convey just how you really feel for your special friend. Borrow the sonnets of Shakespeare, or the tenets of Thoreau, and share your heart desires on Instagram or Facebook and patiently wait for that favorable reply. And if all these wonderful, passion-affirming words fail, then at least you can claim that you’re simply channeling your inner hopeless romantic by sending love to all your friends, which is probably what you guys are going to be from then on.

Love Test Calculator

Amidst the glossy filters of new romance, make it a point to discover just how compatible you guys really are with the help of modern science. The Love Test Calculator app takes all those slum book questions to the realms of your favorite now-defunct dating show, with quizzes and questions that greatly gauge your compatibility. And once you passed this stage, the Love Test Calculator takes it a notch further with dares and challenges that fire the passion of your new love; think of it as the Truth or Dare of the digital age. And once the glitter and confetti of new love subsides, and you run out of sweet things to say, swipe over its Tender Words feature to take on a few romantic quotes.


A lifestyle and dining app that rates hotels and restaurants in the Metro could come in handy when planning your next sentimental hang out. With handy menu lists, reviews, and photos to inspire your momentous table for two, Zomato makes it easier for you to contact your neighborhood hole-in-the-wall for that special banquet reservation, or foo

d delivery, should you decide to eat in. And with special listings in 11 countries worldwide, you can never run out of options for your passionate affairs.

Red Stamp

After the courtship and the constant dates, by now your romantic life has left a dent on your bank account, and you are advised to spend wisely from here on out should you wish to take your relationship further. So, anything cheap and cheesy becomes more desirable when reigniting that fire of amore between you. The Red Stamp app lets you send stylishly personalized cards and notes to your loved one’s. And since it doesn’t cost a penny, maybe consistency is key to keep the swoon coming, and with hundreds of pegged designs and styles, Red Stamp could keep your significant other guessing while poring over sweet love notes for every single day of the year.
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